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What are threads for the face and body?

- Threads or thread lifting rejuvenates both face and body through tightening sagging skin by taking advantage of the body's "healing response" (collagen production). Fine, absorbable polydioxanone threads (like those used in surgery but smaller)  are introduced into the subcutaneous layer of the skin using small needles. As your skin heals and absorbs the threads, collagen is deposited under your skin and makes your skin look rejuvenated.


Where can threads be used?

Threads are used commonly to lift sagging skin on the face but also provide the same effective treatment to other areas such as:

- to augment cheeks

- rejuvenate neck

- tighten abdominal skin

- diminish cellulite (crepe) around eyes, décolletage, around the knees and  arms

-  lift the tail of eyebrows (cat's eye look)

- improve the tone of the buttocks


How long do threads work? 

- Depending on the type of Threads used, they can be absorbed by the body within months. However, the collagen deposited in the treated areas remains longer and diminishes based on individual factors. Dr. Grace will discuss this with you during your visit.


Are threads for the face and body painful? 

- Threads are placed using local anesthetics to minimize discomfort and keep you relaxed. This is an office procedure that can be done in less than an hour and without any downtime. 


What can you expect within days of a thread lift procedure?

- Threads use either sharp or blunt microcannulas to deposit threads. This can cause bruising or hematoma, along with your body's healing response (inflammation/swelling) in the area. This is a normal temporary response and may last a few days.  Tylenol/Motrin, or ice are usually enough to decrease inflammation.


How many threads do I need? 

- Dr. Grace, a trained provider, will discuss your personal aesthetic goals during your visit, and help determine what types and sizes of threads you may need. 

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