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MYTH: Carbon Peels can only do a little bit for your skin. ... Some people think that because carbon peels are completely noninvasive, they can't do much for your appearance.

FACT: Laser carbon peels deeply exfoliate skin. They also help stimulate collagen production. Carbon Peel Laser breaks down unwanted melanin production that causes the skin to appear uneven.

The laser treatment also reaches the dermis layer of the skin and causes collagen stimulation, which helps improve skin laxity and tightens open pores.

Laser carbon peels are used to treat:

MYTH: Carbon peel come with downtime and very painful.

FACT: There is no downtime following a Carbon Laser Peel with results appearing even following one session. A course of treatments is recommended depending on your skin condition and desired results.

There is no pain with the Carbon Laser Peel. During the procedure you may experience slight tingling and warmth on the skin, which is normal while the laser zaps away the thin layer of Carbon.

MYTH: Carbon Laser Peels are only effective in fall and winter

FACT: Doctors often suggest multiple carbon laser peels for maximum effectiveness — often four to six appointments spaced several weeks apart.

The carbon laser peel is effective for treating acne. The whole process works to eliminate oil, debris, and bacteria in the pores, which are often causes of acne. Doctors find that it can clear up existing acne and prevent new breakouts from occurring for weeks or months.‌

You may need multiple treatments to see effects on acne. The treatment is non-irritating, so it doesn’t make inflamed skin feel worse during treatment. You can repeat carbon laser peels as necessary without negative side effects in any season as you feel necessary and with the help and advised of an Aesthetic Doctor.

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