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How to take care of your skin during Spring time.

Feeling inspired by budding blossoms and warmer mornings? Us too! Here at Rejuvmed Clinic we shall give you the best tips on how to switch up your skin routine fits for the transition of the season. Here it goes!

1.Clean your Spring skincare shelf and replace it with a Facial Mask

Well, all those spring products, the ones at the back of the bathroom shelf covered with dust! We so often forget to spring clean our bathroom and sometimes these products can be well beyond their best before dates, which may cause skin irritation if we use them.

Why not replace them with CO2 Lift Pro - Carboxytherapy Gel.This Quick Fix Anti-Aging Treatment Is More Than an Average Mask

This mask has No Downtime. Just Results. This is a common use for anti-aging treatment that is clinically proven to lift, hydrate, brighten and improve the overall health and appearance of your skin. You can now stock this mask on your shelf and immediately revive natural radiance in under an hour with absolutely no downtime.

2. Exfoliate your skin with microneedling

Spring's warmer weather and high humidity can trigger the skin to both sweat and produce more oil. Sweat and oil tends to clog the pores leading to higher occurrences of breakouts. Rejuvmed clinic recommends Microneedling as one treatment that can rejuvenate skin, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, reduce the appearance of pores and improve skin texture and tone. This FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment increases exfoliation and helps to stimulate the production of collagen, essential to the development of fresh, new skin.

At Rejuvmed Clinic, microneedling is one of the aesthetic services we offer to rejuvenate the look and feel of your skin. Our skilled aesthetician provides relaxing, effective non-surgical options to improve the appearance of your skin for you to be ready on your Spring vacation!

3. Try something new

Give your skin Deep Hydration through PRX T33. This service has Kojic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide and TCA. It’s a revolutionary non- peeling chemical peel. It exfoliates and renews the skin with noticeable immediate improvement to the texture and laxity.

Much in the form of a woman depends on the condition of her skin. Masking the tonal means irregularities and shortcomings, and without resorting to the inner layers of the epidermis cleansing can quite soon notice their inefficiency. Peeling PRX-T33 - tool that allows you to open a natural beauty and radiance. Add this to your Spring Skin care treatment and you’ll be perfectly ready for any Spring adventure!

4. Exercise

Regular exercise is great for your mental health, physique and skin. Exercise encourages blood flow and circulation to your face which can help flush out toxins. Exercise also acts like a facial activity for your face because when you sweat your pores open and expel dirt and oil. After a great sweat session make sure to cleanse your skin thoroughly because your face can be a breeding ground for blemishes at this time.

We hope that you’ve found these tips to get your skin Spring ready useful, and with Summer not far away, you might also like some tips on getting you ready for Summer. If we wish for the sunshine often enough, surely it will appear.

Talk to our experienced aesthetic Doctor to experience amazing results! Book your first FREE consultation with us.

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