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Stem Cells: What they are and what they do?

What are stem cells?

Because stem cells have the potential to develop into many different types of cells they are the body’s natural repair system. They are a specific type of cell in a living organism with the superhero-like ability to divide, pinpoint tissue damage, and then rapidly specialize in order to reverse the damage, heal, and sometimes even regenerate damaged cells.


Various studies have linked plant stem cells with the following beauty benefits:

  • Helps plump the appearance of skin

  • Helps skin appear from taut and firm

  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots and large pores

  • Helps promote the look of even-toned skin

Donor stem cells are obtained from young, healthy volunteers. These cells are subjected to intense biosafety and quality testing, and are accompanied by a cell product passport. Cells that are screened in this way are as safe and effective as your own cells.

Stem cells have tremendous promise to help us understand and treat a range of diseases, injuries and other conditions.

Rejuvmed team is always looking for the best solution for each patient, performing careful, in-depth analysis of your precise symptoms and medical history.

Here at Rejuvmed Clinic we will give you industry standards when it comes to our skincare's ability to penetrate and absorb into your complexion, so your skin heals from the inside out.

Book your FREE Consultation Today with our professional expert ang get that healthy and glowing skin!

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