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Vitamin Therapy for Ageless Beauty Care

One of your major organs is your skin and that means your entire health. If you're concerned about the appearance of your skin, our IV therapy can assist by providing your body with a customized blend of vitamin B12, vitamin C, proline, lysine, biotin, riboflavin, and glutathione.

B12 (cobalamin)

Jaundiced skin is caused by a shortage of vitamin B12, and it has a pale, yellowish hue. It can also interfere with red blood cell synthesis and contribute to anemia if you don't get enough B12.

It's vital to remember that vitamin B12 isn't found in plants and that your body can't make it on its own. This means that a healthy diet and vitamin supplements are essential.

Vitamin C

There’s a reason healthy skin has high concentrations of vitamin C. Your body relies on this water-soluble vitamin to counteract photodamage from UV rays, synthesize collagen, and fight free radicals.


Nearly every cell in the body relies on glutathione. Not only does it serve as an antioxidant that helps the body detox from drugs, pollutants, and food additives, but it’s a powerful antioxidant that can decrease wrinkles and increase skin elasticity.


Riboflavin is also known as vitamin B2 and your body needs it to break down fats, protein, and carbohydrates for energy. It’s known for boosting energy levels and functioning as an antioxidant for healthy skin and hair.


Biotin helps the body metabolize fatty acids, glucose, and amino acids. A lack of biotin can result in scaly, red skin and rashes, skin infections, dry brittle nails, and thinning hair.


Proline is an essential amino acid known for restoring skin collagen protein synthesis for skin that’s been negatively impacted by sun exposure.


Lysine is another essential amino acid that plays a role in collagen formation. Note that collagen provides structure and elasticity to the skin, helping it to maintain its healthy, youthful appearance.

Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy

  • Increased Wellness

  • Illness Prevention

  • Rapid Hangover Relief

  • Enhanced Beauty

  • Improved Athletic Recovery

Benefits of Glutathione

  • Prevents Chronic Illness. ...

  • Slows the Aging Process. ...

  • Boosts Athletic Ability. ...

  • Controls Inflammation. ...

  • Detoxifies the Liver.

Give yourself the skin care attention it needs.

Instead of relying just on lotions and creams, take a look at what you're doing to provide your skin the nutrients it requires to be healthy.

Sun damage, harsh weather, and nutritional inadequacies can all impair your skin's protective barrier between you and the environment. Make sure your body receives the nutrition it needs for healthy, vibrant skin to avoid dull, dry, and exhausted skin.

Our Special Offer IV Vitamin Therapy and Glutathione combination is designed to help you regain your shine and combat the indications of aging and damaged skin.

With Rejuvmed Clinic, IV vitamin therapy & Glutathione, you may stay healthy, hydrated, and well-nourished during spring. Visit our website to learn more.

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